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The sources of MEANDER go back to 1992, year in which Matt Börgmann’s quest for like-minded musicians led him to London. The fact that the original line-up were people from all over Europe already perfectly illustrated the variety of MEANDER’s musical influences.After almost twenty years abroad, Matt couldn’t believe his luck when he returned to Luxembourg: he considers the “bunch” which forms the new MEANDER the perfect continuation.

Faces may have changed, but the strength and spirit are still the same. More talented people would be hard to come by, but this is a group that works beautifully as a team, everyone adding their own natural to the ever changing sculpture that MEANDER are crafting. And yet again, with Luca Sales (kb) who was born in Colombia, Eric Durrer (perc) with Italian roots and strong ties to Cuba and Brazil, Roby Glod (sax) and Laurent Peckels (bass) with a present and a past in France, you’ll listen to people who have seen more than just their local newspaper…

David Woodman, English music critic, writes: “ The instrumental music that flows from these musicians is sensitive without being fragile. The diverse background of influences is part of the magic that is MEANDER. As individual musicians they paint a large canvas together, sounds merge, moods change and landscapes are constantly constructed and explored. Jazz is too traditional a word to describe this sound, Fusion is too cold and Jazz-Fusion too old. I can only describe this music as melody with beauty and strength. There is a feeling of warmth throughout. If you enjoy adventure in music, find this magic and smile.”Going back in time: After their first get-together in 1993, Davide Mantovani (b) from Italy, Ingrid Laubrock (sax) from Germany, David Sergent (dr) from France, Matt Börgmann (git) from Luxembourg and David Vaughan (kb) from England were soon playing British clubs such as Ronnie Scott’s, The Vortex, The 100club, Jazz Café Camden or Pizza Express Jazz Club.

Their first album “Summerdance” received a couple of “CD of the month” awards in European Jazz magazines. Then came the offer from “Prestige Records” to sign a deal with the band… Almost two decades later, MEANDER has, of course, a new repertoire. And although some of the “old” compositions have been taken up, they have been mightily reshaped by the “new personalities”.

To get in touch with Meander please write to : mattborg(AT)

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